Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This

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Re: Liberal Return Policies vs. "has my camera been used?": A way to Solve This
In reply to ne beginner, May 7, 2014

ne beginner wrote:

Charge a re-stocking fee to cover the open boxed discount. I'll bet most honest customers would be more than willing to pay a 5% restocking fee for the opportunity to try a camera or lens out, and have be able to return it if you don't like it.

I can only guess, but I think absolteuly no way most honest customers would be willing to pay a 5% restcking fee just to try something.

Here is why I prefer not to have this seal.

I prefer to buy at local stores. These stores let me try e.g. a lens at the store or in the area (if I leave my bag, for example). I want to try a lens before I buy and I want to try the specific lens I'm buying rather than a different one of the same model. If the store has the same lens to try and then I get a new one, that is fine, but I would pay, open it at the store and try it to see it works. I want to see that (e.g.) the lens I'm buying is not defective before I take it with me. Or at least any obvious defect (I've had to return a lens a few days later once when I found a problem that took longer to find).

Since this is what I want to do before buying and IMO it's completely reasonable, then I have no problem with others doing it too. It's entirely possible that the lens I'm trying was takne out of the box for someone else to try before. I don't know and don't care really. I get a full warrenty from the moment I buy it anyway.

Same with my camera. When I went to buy it, I tried a couple, put a couple of lenses on it and on another camera and tried them for a bit. One of them was already out because somoene else was trying to just when I came in.

With an honest store, checking the camera/lens is actually a good opportunity to find defective ones so the chance of defective ones is smaller.

I used to sell saxophones (stopped because I decided I didn't like to sell things). It's a bit different but also very similar. Every single saxophone that came to me from the factory was checked to make sure it's working 100%. Actually, that's one of the reasons people bought from me and not from some stores. This might even mean they get a ripped nylon with the one from me, but it just confirmed that I checked it and made sure it was working, fixed any issues before sale, etc. People come and play the saxophones, then decide if they want to buy or not.

Saxophones are a little different because they usually don't come 100% from the factory, need some adjustments and are completely mechanical and delicate, in comparison with cameras/lenses which have much higher tolerances and when one is slightly out it's basically defective. But for the principal is the same. For me DSLR cameras and lenses are still not on the level of e.g. phones, where you just get one in a box and return if it's defective. I mean, many people do exactly that, but I prefer to check them before buying because they are still more variable.

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