I'm NOT knocked out with RX100M2

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Re: I'm NOT knocked out with RX100M2
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knox wrote:

Ron AKA wrote:

Have you shot RAW in P mode and post processed your images with a RAW developer?

Ron, I have not. I shot RAW and jpg at first so I could take advantage of RAW but realized I had nothing in my older versions of Photoshop / Aperture to open the files and have not looked for needed software, as have been really busy. I was simply seeing by getting input here if I should delve deeper and do these things, read up more on the Sony and spend more time with it before I realized it was a bad choice for me (I do like the size). I certainly don't expect the images to hold a candle to my other cameras, but was expecting a bit more in image quality from what all I was reading here and on the net.

I'm on a Mac. I suspect the older versions of Photoshop / Aperture will not be compatible with a new plug in for the newer Sony, though I may be wrong. Still, high quality jpg (of course with proper settings) should be enough to see if it's for me or not. Or so I would think.

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I would work with the RAW images and you might get better results.  (I am a Mac guy as well--use Aperture and have no problem processing RX100 RAW files.)  I had pretty high expectations for the RX100 when I bought one last summer in anticipation of using it on some backpacking trips, cycling etc.  I found there is definitely a learning curve and I am with you, not a fan of shooting without a viewfinder, but I have gotten used to it and simply learned the effective field of view of the camera and now simply point and shoot, sometimes without even looking at the viewfinder.  I now shoot mostly Aperture priority, have ISO assigned to lens control wheel and work pretty hard to avoid shutter speeds < 1/30 etc.

While I won't suggest my photos are masterpieces, I have concluded that they are of sufficient quality for me in light of the ease of bringing the RX100 along that I am now a fan of the camera. Several of these shots I would not have gotten with a larger camera as I was not in a position to bring anything larger along.  Sure, when I want a serious shot I break out the full frame DSLR and high quality glass, but I can't always have that along.

Here are a few of what I consider my 'better' RX100 shots from the past few months.  My suggestion is give it some time, experiment a bit, try RAW etc, I bet you will come around a bit.

Inca Trail

Inca Trail

Machu Picchu

Sporting Park Kansas City-MLS Cup Final 2013

Random Bike Ride

Blue Bird Bistro-Kansas City

Kauffman Center-Kansas City

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