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all true
In reply to roustabout66, May 6, 2014

roustabout66 wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:


Where did I say that?

And where did I say the DR of print medium is now 12 stops or even 8+? See...obvious misinterpretation led to poor assumptions/understandings

Oh I "obvious misinterpretation" of your inaccurate statement led to poor assumptions. So now it is Bill Clinton's defense "what the definition of "is" is"

Not my fault you misunderstood

You certainly gave the impression to people who don't know any better that print medium could accurately reflect 13 stops when you said:

"Said another way...the ideal that the 13 stops of DR in a single capture can't be accurately represented in print due to the DR limitations of the medium.... is false."

And that is all true. Take that pic of that DSC Labs 72-dB 13-Step chart, I suggested. Print it on good paper and note how well the chart represents/depicts the real thing. Imagine how bummed pro landscape photographers would be if I was wrong. No one would go to their gallery's.

Amazing how well DR can be "represented" print when done well

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