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Re: True again
In reply to qianp2k, May 6, 2014

qianp2k wrote

As I said I will see digital displays eventually will eliminate old-fashion physical prints, just like digital cameras replace film, just a matte of time and could happy in 5-10 years.

Perhaps.  Of course the technology will no doubt permit it and the price of high resolution displays will come down to a point where some (or even many) will consider having one, or perhaps even a few, of such displays around the house.  But do you really think they will replace prints, certainly within the time scale you mention?

For a start these devices will have to powered somehow and unless we move to wireless or inductive charging buried in the walls I think many male photographers will have WAGs that have something fairly crisp and direct to say about wires trailing from every display.  Even if some of us happen to think it's a great idea.

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