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Re: Serious thinking of the Pentax 645 or shall wait?
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rrccad wrote:

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Dave Luttmann wrote:

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Tim Devine wrote:

You could pickup a Sony a7R to tide you over. You'll need an adapter, but at least you can use your existing investment in lenses. The DR bump is quite noticeable, at least over the 5D II I have.

But MF is MF....



To OP:

Unless you absolutely need 50mp and MF, you have some best lenses with such varieties and flexibilities in the world that you don't find in Pentax MF lens's lineup. I am sure Pentax has some very nice prime lenses but it doesn't have TS-E lenses.

Also suggested A7R. All your EF lenses work very well on A7R thru adapter. You will find it's much easier to use your TS-E lenses on A7R than on 5D III thanks to EVF and 7x/14x magnification that you can directly do it in EVF (imagining under bright noon sunlight) without having to toggle between OVF and LV as you'd do in 5D III.

If you really need 50mp, Sony 54 mp FF sensor likely will be announced by next year and will be implemented in A7R II.

tilt shift lens for Pentax 645:

Don't believe $715 Ukraine-made TS-E lens can close to Canon 24 TS-E II and 17mm TS-E. Its FF eq 35mm FL is not ideal in landscape also. Not in the same league.

The optics are by Zeiss, so it should be OK. The Canon TS-E are a bit special, however.

I've used their optics on a Pentax 6x7. Very good glass. I would say that this lens on the 645Z would have advantages over the smaller, lower rez and lower DR Canon regardless of lens choice. I just wanted to point out that there are T/S options to those without any knowledge or expereince with the Pentax MF system claiming otherwise.

I could be wrong, but this one isn't the digital series of super rotator tilt shifts.

these are adapted from Kiev-Arsenal medium format lenses, not Zeiss. with a 5.3um pixel pitch on the new 645 you may see it strain to keep up to the resolution.

now these ones:

are delicious, however not suitable for MF systems only FF/APS-C

I will not take a $750 MF T/E lens seriously.  A good MF T/E lens only costs $750, are you kidding me?  They also look pretty cheap and rough made.

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