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Dave Luttmann wrote:

roustabout66 wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

roustabout66 wrote:

You print more than most, yet you still claim the print medium is capable of exceeding 8 1/2 stops or even 12 stops. Where is the evidence of that? Where is a link proving that?

No, I said print is capable of displaying the detail (at both ends) of a high DR capture...even in cases in excess of 12 stops (paper and lighting paly a big part). Advances in Paper and printing technology/processing have made it a bit more common. Sorry if I wasn't clear. Also the actual DR of print has been increased in same cases. Fuji crystal papers would be an example. MOAB SlickRock metallic (vs simple gloss paper) is another example even consumer grade photo printers can get more DR from. KODAK PROFESSIONAL Inkjet Photo Paper, Metallic / 255g would be another paper that has an expanded DR vs older paper types. Seeing the comparison in person is really the only way to note the increase in an obvious way.

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My opinions are my own and not those of DPR or its administration. They carry no 'special' value (except to me and Lacie of course)

Each end is not the problem, it's all that stuff in the middle. So you do not have any evidence (links). Only your own personal experience (feeling) to prove print medium is significantly better than 8 1/2 stops (or more importantly 12 stops). I have not tried the metallic yet, but I have a Fuji crystal print 20x30 and the DR of my Canon sensor is easily more than that print.

It is not relevant that prints are 6, 7, or 10 stops. The important part is having enough DR at the capture level in order to compress to print.

Besides, I sell prints....try selling your digital file.

I sell prints too Dave...have for over 40 years. I have also worked in one of the largest photo finishers in the Midwest, so I know that most of the "facts" in this thread are pure 100% propaganda.

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