Serious thinking of the Pentax 645 or shall wait? Locked

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Also a good point
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qianp2k wrote:

Mako2011 wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

But not everyone wants to print, no mention billboard size. How large of your real estate can hold those big prints?

I see your point. Also really makes the virtues of cell phone only photography more obvious. A lot to be said for..."good enough for what I do" practicality. Keeps cost down too...added bonus. Likely the reason higher quality photography (top end of the spectrum) is on the decline and market share is getting to be such a tough nut to crack.

Printing is really an old-fashion and dying technology that will be replaced by high-end display in a decade.

Also a good point for your type of IQ requirements. Keeps the bar down and saves in both processing time and money...unless you start chasing display resolution. A lot to be said for limiting output medium. A lot of pluses to that type of workflow/expectations. Certainly makes advances in sensor tech less and less relevant for some.  Who needs more anyways.

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