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In reply to qianp2k, May 5, 2014

qianp2k wrote:

I don't care what eq MP but X and Y displaying resolution. As I said people usually don't display full-size photos on monitors as simply not best quality but only 50% and no more than 60% of crop in my taste.

That's the problem with basing ones photography on the limits of their own monitor or viewing medium. It leaves you with a product that really is only relevant to your own specific computer room. Certainly no use posting/comparing here as we all have different monitors and even different color workspace. In that way, I can see why high DR and resolution might not not be a priority to you or even of any value. Better IQ is indeed of little consequence if your limited to what you can see (IQ wise) and don't consider others my be viewing ones work differently. You make a good point. In your case, better DR and resolution may indeed be of little value given the limitations in your particular viewing medium. Does make sense. Saves money on next gen bodies, better glass, and none of the issues associated with larger file sizes.

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