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Hello to everybody,

Lately I am serious thinking about the Pentax 645 Mark II.

I should say that I never had a MF before so its is a new thing for me.

Right now I have the canon 5d mark iii with 17mm tse, 24mm tse, 24-70mm 2.8 mark II, 70-200mm 2.8 IS mark II, 50mm 1.8, 15mm fishey, plenty of flashes and CamRanger to control the camera from far

As you see I have plenty of 'good' lenses but my mind comes to the dynamic range of the new sensor.

Mostly I shoot landscapes and architecture, architecture for me is something that I love really and I like to take the time to "study" the image.

So what do you think shall I wait until canon brings out something that is comparable with the other sensors regarding dynamic range and megapixels? Or shall I start to find a new home for my equipment and move to the side of Pentax MF

PS I am not a professional but when I am really ready them maybe yes I will start my own business, you can check some images here:

Thank you for your time


You have some really nice images! I think the Pentax would be an improvement over your 5DM3 for landscapes due to the increased resolution....if you print large. The difference in DR may or may not be important. Do you plan to print? If you print, the dynamic range will be 8 1/2 stops or less in the print so whatever you use will have much more DR than the print. If you do not plan to print, why do you need 50 MPs? MF does have a "look" that is hard to duplicate in FF 35. I am not that familiar with Pentax lenses but I doubt they have the tilt/shift lenses that Canon does for your architecture shots. For me, resolution is important for landscapes but DR not so much since my goal is a print.

The DR of the print is not relevant. What is relevant is being able to capture the DR of the scene, and then be able to compress it to print.

It is quite relevant if a print is to be the final output. I agree it is an exercise in the best way to compress down to the 6-81/2 stop DR of the print. I just do not think the difference in say 12 and 13 stops DR is all that significant when you are going to, as you say, compress down to the DR of a print.

Actually the difference can be pretty substantial in a side by side comparison. Print DR can be pretty large when using proprietary printing, processing, and high DR paper like some of the Fuji Crystal papers or new gen metallic. Lighting is also key in that regard.

"Pretty large" can mean many things. Do you have any links showing the DR of print paper is greater than 8 1/2 stops? Even more important, do you have any links showing paper with more than the 12-13 stop DR of the Canon sensors? If not, we are still looking at compressing DR down to fit the paper.

If you just want to look at your pics up close on a computer or TV, sure you can see the difference, but why do you need big megapixels for that? I just think many new photographers hear all this drumbeat about DR and do not understand how little of the available DR actually gets onto that piece of paper.

I often print on metallic paper and have found differences in DR capability from older to new gen cameras is pretty noticeable in print...when you process to show the dif. That assumes the original scene/capture has enough DR to be noticeable.

If DR were the end all and be all that some would like people to believe, Canon would not dominate press photography (print medium) the way they do.

Press photography is one thing, high end art gallery photography is another. True, most folks here won't be printing/processing in a way designed to maximize print DR. On the other hand, differences in the DR capability of different sensor tech can be displayed in print. There are some very nice print examples out there, hanging on walls, that show noticeable detail at the extremes of a single 13EV capture.

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