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I looked at your photos and although there are a few good ones, I would recommend to you to improve your photography rather than buying new gear. What you have is plentiful for making awesome photos.

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I would be happy if you give me some advice, if you have, than a general improve my photography.

I am learning fast ....


Still believe A7R is a much cheaper solution for your case that you can see DR and resolution improvements right away while still can use EF lenses as seen by Fred Miranda (and by myself).

Remember though, DR really is of little use as you pointed out...

True, in 95% of time I don't need to push shadows and found Canon DR is sufficient. In 5% of photos I see difference. The main difference is still read-noise not DR actually such as in evening sky where I prefer to use A7R. I need more clean shadow than extreme shadow pushing. "The only way to leverage 14-stop DR ... is by severe ETTL (expose on left) is by exposing on highlight and then pull deep dark shadows many stops back....But by doing so there are severe consequences...lost details and excessive noise/grain in original shadow areas and possible color tonality damaged. Serious photographers don't do this way.

Nice to see something emerge from the cocoon. Sony has a tendency to do that and 5% is often much larger (relative) we before it's not an option. Perception often changes with experience

Never deny Sony sensors do noticeably better in 5% of those highly contrast scenes.

Certainly not a perfect transformation but still nice to see the slight move to improve. Improvements in IQ due to sensor technology can be a slow thing to realize. Some may be slower still to take advantage of it when it's right there to be used. Future bold well though. I like your optimism on the potential next gen high MP offering from Sony and such. Should be good for all.

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