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Re: i'm sure it wasn't meant that way
In reply to xtoph, May 5, 2014

Oh, thank you!

But don't worry, being a bit of troll myself, I will not suffer too much anyway.

xtoph wrote:

solve, having followed sal's comments here for quite a while, i feel pretty confident in saying that i don't see any indication that she meant the comment to be a criticism or to be offensive in any way. certainly not to musicians, or to you. {and she went out of her way to say that she was presenting a subjective perspective, not an authoritative pronouncement of universal relevance.)

on the contrary, i think that the comment is focussed on communicating to you what she thinks you've done unusually well--which is to go beyond what could have been a much more cliche'd shot depicting merely what the performers presented to a general audience, and contribute something of some more particular and photographically creative interest, in this case by including the anomalous figure of the woman.

i am not sure if that is also how you understood the comment, and you felt that it was unintentionally, potentially offensive, or whether you were unsure of sal's intent--but i hope that you'll extend her the good faith to assume that she was speaking in a friendly and well-intentioned manner, and trying to convey an honest reaction.

this can be one of the most difficult aspects of communicating on the internet--with so many different backgrounds and languages people are coming from, with a dearth of communication cues (expression, tone, etc), and with the unfortunate reality that there are trolls around who deliberately try to muck things up, it can sometimes be hard to sort out what people are really trying to say. but for the most part, the people who take the time to comment in this thread are i think genuinely engaged and honest--and it helps communication generally when we start from that presumption.

anyway, interesting group, with the color array and the sign in the bg, and indeed, with the woman sitting amidst them.

solveproblems wrote:

Spent some time thinking whether your comment is offensive or not

Sal18 wrote:

Thank heavens for the girl sitting there. Without her, the sax quartet would have had musical interest only. Maybe. If they are really good. But the gal grounds this pic and makes it hold our interest and curiosity. For me.


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