Well...I finally pulled the trigger on a Fuji 14mm f2.8!

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Re: Well...I finally pulled the trigger on a Fuji 14mm f2.8!
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Smiller4128 wrote:

wyldberi wrote:

Smiller4128 wrote:

Dropped about $650 on a used one in really good condition on eBay and it comes with a 6 month warranty should anything go wrong. It has the box and hood and lens caps as well so everything as well.

It took me a really long time to come to a decision between the 14mm and the 10-24mm zoom lens. I ultimately decided to go with the 14mm though because it's smaller, lighter, faster aperture (I know OIS in the 10-24mm makes up for this, but still) and because of the quick and easy way to go into manual focus mode by just simply sliding back the focus ring...for some reason that really enticed me so I got one/ Hopefully it'll be here sometime by the middle of this next week.

I'm hoping that I'll now be able to find a used 55-200mm and that, combined with my 14mm and 18-55mm on my X-T1 will be the perfect trifecta for my Alaskan Cruise at the end of September

I picked up a new X-E1 last year, and the 18-55mm, the 14mm, and the 55-200mm lenses were the lenses I had to work with. I consider the 18-55mm and the 14mm to be two of the best XF lenses released to date.

As long as your new used lens hasn't been mistreated or become defective in some way, I'm sure you will be very pleased with your decision as to which wide angle Fuji lens to pick up. Having used the 14mm, even if I needed the wider end of the 10-24mm zoom, I'd still want to have the 14mm to pair with my 18-55mm as a 2-lens tourist type traveling kit.

You might also want to consider picking up the small XF 27mm pancake lens. It's very sharp and since it's so small, probably the fastest AF focusing Fuji lens released to date. It really brings a new dimension to the mirrorless experience, especially when used for street shooting. A bit wider than the 35/50mm FOV, and well worth the effort.

Unsolicited advice: replace the Fuji front and rear lens caps ASAP.

JJC rear lens/body cap pairs are superior to the OEM versions that come standard. The OEM's have a habit of working loose and falling off in a kit bag. There's a USA based retailer who sells these via Amazon.com.

I've been buying front lens caps from LensMate.com for years. They work very well and don't come off until you take them off. They're probably the same caps you can get off e-bay, if you know which Seller to go with; I don't know.

For my new XF 27mm lens I bought a 39-55mm step-up ring from B&H Photo. I paired this with one of the Samyang front lens caps B&H offers and that seems to work as well as the LensMate caps.

You like the 27mm that well? I was considering the 23mm f1.4 but if the 27mm is as good as you say then i may consider that instead as it's significantly cheaper

My favorite Fuji lens is the 14mm; that's the lens that convinced me to buy into the Fuji system. I liked the styling and form factor of the silver X-Pro1/X-E1 bodies, but it's always the glass that matters more.

Besides the 14mm, the other lens I wanted to own was the 23mm. The 35mm field of view has been my standard prime of choice for a long time; I like to shoot wider than a 50mm FOV. So I waited and contented myself with the 14mm & 18-55mm. The 14mm has proven to be every bit as good as I was hoping for; the 18-55mm exceeded my expectations.

One day last fall, when I was culling through a bunch of pictures I'd taken with the 18-55mm, I did a quick review of the shots I liked. To my surprise I found the largest percentage of them had been taken in the neighborhood of a 40mm FOV.

What's really unique about the 27mm is how small and light weight it is. It's no replacement for my 23mm, but it's a pretty good stand-in for when I want to go light and take more than a pocket size P&S camera with me. One other point about the size, you can loose it in a spare pocket and never notice you have a prime lens with you until you want one; pair it with a Raynox DCR-250 in another pocket, and you've got a decent macro lens substitute with you all the time.

The 18-55mm is a good choice for situations where you don't know what to expect; it's nice to be able to move from wide to telephoto with a turn of the right. The 27mm is good for when you want to grab shots from a standard FOV and you don't want to be burdened with a large hunk of glass dangling off the front of your camera.

If Fuji drops the price on the little 27mm lens, or if it comes up on a future sale at a good discount, it's definitely worth owning.

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