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In reply to josbiker, May 2, 2014

I'm not quite sure what you're saying in your posts but I'll at least try to reply to what I think you're any case, I GUARANTEE that your English is much better than my Dutch.

The GH4 looks to be a fantastic camera, and I'm certainly not going to dispute that.  Again, for 99% of imaging assignments, it's probably all the camera you need and certainly much more convenient than shooting a FX or even DX DSLR body once you consider the size of the glass.  BUT, there are several things that work against it as a sports/action platform.  Again, I'll preface this with it CAN be done, but it's not the best tool for the job.....

First, the selection of fast, long glass isn't there.  It's certainly growing, but it's not there yet.  If it were, I would be shooting one already.  I haven't shot the GH4, and will at some point in the near future (right now I'm shooting several youth baseball teams, one pro baseball team, one pro development program of several teams, one high school girls soccer team and one olympic development soccer team in addition to having several weddings and a "Sweet 16" scheduled, so it will probably be several months before I really get a chance to shoot one for evaluation) but I can say that my hopes not too long ago were that the new OMD would be "the one" that would allow me to drop the heavy, long f2.8 Nikon glass I use for sports imaging and go exclusively with m4/3.  I found that it was MUCH better than previous generations with tracking although it had a strange habit of hitting perfect focus on the first few images, then going out for several images before achieving focus again at the end of the series.  I seriously wonder if this isn't caused by the lag in the EVF which, while much better than previous generations, still has enough lag at it's highest frame rate with moving subjects that it could be throwing that focus off by focusing on a different subject.  There in lies one of the biggest weaknesses, and the one thing that will keep professional sports/action shooters (as well as many enthusiasts) in the FX/DX DSLR with OVF camp.....the OVF offers no lag allowing you real time view of your subject, and more importantly the ability to keep your focus point(s) on your subject throughout a series of images.

You're obviously very excited about the GH4, and that's great.  It looks like a fantastic camera, and it may very well be my next m4/3 body.  While I hope it really has reached the point that I can replace my DSLR bodies, and more importantly heavy glass, I'm fairly certain I'll be shooting bodies with OVF's for at least a few years yet, and I'm also sure that the professionals shooting sports/action full time for the big outlets won't be making the change anytime soon for the same reasons I won't, not to mention the manufacturer support that isn't there for other manufacturers.

In short, there's a LOT more to shooting sports/action than the numbers you're basing your statements on.

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