Can we have too much Dynamic Range?

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Re: Can we have too much Dynamic Range?
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meland wrote:

Fogel70 wrote:

A default jpg image from a camera with 15 stops of DR does not have to look any different from a camera with 10 stops of DR. The camera with higher DR just throw away more image data when producing jpg images.

OK, what does it throw it? What are the parameters for making those decisions of what to throw away?

To simplify, the camera throws away the brightest and darkest parts away. Lets say a jpg image contains 8 stops of DR. On a camera with 10 stops of DR the brightest and darkest stop of information is thrown away. On 15 stop DR camera it's the brightest and darkest 3.5 stops of information that is thrown away. So on both cameras it's the same 8 stops of information left in the image.

In reality it's not quite as simple, but it's the manufacturer of the camera that decides what type of jpg profiles to use, and the end users resides depending on what settings they choose to use. Turn up contrast and saturation and you will have less DR left.

Having more DR does not have to make any difference when you don't need the extra DR, but when you do it can makes a hell of a difference.

I don't disagree - but are there any negative trade-offs to achieve that DR in the first place? Colour accuracy?

I'm pretty sure there can be negative effects if going over the top trying to maximize DR. FI a monochrome sensor might have higher DR. Which is a bit of a trade off if wanting to capture RGB images. But there is also other thing that can be done to improve DR that normally improve other specifications too. FI lowering noise.

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