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Zin, quite the detail - thanks
In reply to Zindanfel, May 1, 2014

Zindanfel wrote:

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Forgive me for showing two shots, but selecting one of both would not allow you to give me the feedback I am looking for. And contrary to the usual situation for this C&C thread, I must also ask to not download, reprocess or show elsewhere the images included here, because they are work in progress on a paid job, not for distribution outside my control.

Here is a two-image sneak preview of a shoot I did last Sunday of Moroccan-style bridal fashion.

Marriages are very elaborate and lavish in the Moroccan immigrant community: the dresses seem straight from "1001 Nights" and are most often rented from wedding planners who also arrange for hair, make-up, venue decoration etc.

The shoot was a job for one such wedding planner, intended to show off her dresses in the elegant setting of a classic Antwerp building.

Being primarily a documentary shooter who uses available light only, I was way out of my comfort zone on this job, directing models through poses in a semi-studio environment with strobes.

And I just want all the constructive feedback I can get.


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Roel Hendrickx
lots of images: www.roelh.zenfolio.com
my Olympus user field report from Tunisian Sahara: http://www.biofos.com/ukpsg/roel.html

Random impressions, #1:

- The various geometrical patterns in the scene (parquet, carpet runner, woodwork, wall, etc.) comprise a good foil for the intricate elegance of the gown. Same for (earth-tone) color contrast with blue/white gown. Stars+sky vs earth.

A bit of poetry will never hurt.

- Too many slender, ordinary-looking furniture legs visible under the background table. Counters the elegance theme.

You are absolutely right about this. Now that you have mentioned it, I cannot un-notice it anymore and it bothers me.

Those inelegant stools were blocking the view towards the door, and for some previous photos that were more left-oriented, I had removed those stools from view by placing them behind the table, but when the "action" moved more to the right for some other light, I did not pay attention to them anymore.

Such is what happens when there is not enough time for careful observation of background and light for every pose of every model (just too much work in too little time).

Damn. Now I slap myself on the forehead for it. I'll have to figure out some selective darkening to make those damn stool legs less visible. A different crop is a no-go for this pose. It needs space on the right, and I doubt whether the file has more space on the left. And it has to be square.

- Glass panel (center, top) catches the eye, but is irrelevant to the picture.

I agree, but cropping it out was worse. The model's head came to close to the top edge. Again maybe some selective darkening. This is going to turn into more PP work than I had anticipated (on more images too...)

- Maybe the camera lens is slightly too high? Viewer's direct gaze is not quite on level with the model. If the lens were lower and the horizontal of the background woodwork were even with her eyes, would the model seem to have more stature, more elegance?

On this I disagree. First shots were more eye level but the models (and especially a few slightly taller ones) had their heads intersecting with panels on the door behind. The horizontal line at eye level really does not look good. Better to have the head framed by the natural frame of the door paneling. Maybe I should show the other ones to make the point.

Impression, #2: Perfect for the purpose.

Thanks. to be honest, I like it too.

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Roel Hendrickx
lots of images: www.roelh.zenfolio.com
my Olympus user field report from Tunisian Sahara: http://www.biofos.com/ukpsg/roel.html

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