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Ontario Gone wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Ontario Gone wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Ontario Gone wrote:

Hopefully none of those action shots will include rednecks abusing helpless animals.

Oh please. This is such a ridiculous comment it doesn't bear response.

Good, bc there is no good response. That kind of behavior is pathetic.

Uh huh. Enjoy your pedestal. And I hope you're a vegetarian.

BTW I enjoyed viewing your gallery, all three photos.

actually yes I am (almost) a vegetarian, I do occasionally eat chicken but I am slowly removing that from my diet as well. I Consume a lot of dairy and I go through a lot of protein powder. I have been lifting weights since I was 12 years old and I now train in MMA also, so I know the importance of fitness and you don't have to eat meat to be healthy. being a carnivore is the oldest lamest excuse for people who want to be cruel to animals.

Well that's fine, I have no problem with vegans, I'm glad they care about animals. We are not going to agree with the matter of rodeo, but you should know that the animal welfare groups often have people in attendance to watch for how the animals are treated. If they were being abused I would not be interested in it; for that matter I donate to 7 or 8 animal welfare groups every month because I care about animals.

We have different perspectives, but I was talking about autofocus cameras and sample photos before you started us on this (off) topic. My point which you really didn't respond to, was that too often I've seen users of many kinds of cameras post a photo of a ballplayer swinging a bat 40 feet away and call it an 'action photo'; I want to see real action photos, not just photos with someone standing in place and moving, that's was my whole point.

We can leave the rest of this side topic drop as each of us is going to think what he wants, and I won't take offense at being called a 'red neck'. Back to the main subject now, I hope.

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