Smaller sensors with faster apertures vs larger sensor with slower apertures

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I think that the best "shoot-from-the-hip" comparision is like this example:

I have got a Canon 7D and a Sony RX100M2.

At one time I might use the 7D at a setting of 17mm, f/2.8, 1/100s, ISO400. How can I get an "equivalent" image from my Sony?

17/1.7 = 10mm,

f/2.8*1.7 = f/1.65,


Without further specific knowledge about the two cameras, this is (in my view) the best starting point. Now, the images won't be _identical_, and specific knowledge about the sensor quality, photographer intent etc might mean that I would like to use some other setting.

When debating general merits of different sensor sizes, I think this is the system that makes most sense, whether you are debating with yourself or on the net.


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