Is Leica totally missing the point... Again?

Started Apr 24, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Is Leica totally missing the point... Again?
Apr 24, 2014

I'm sure I'm not the only one who was a bit disappointed to see Lecia's new system does not, in fact, use micro four thirds as had been rumored. But the fact that it is an entirely new mount, and an APS-C sensor, boggles my mind. The quality of the camera itself just makes me wish that much more that it had been designed with a 4/3 sensor/ m4/3 mount.

Does Leica really think the world needs a whole new mirrorless camera system, with a new mount and new lenses? They're essentially starting from the ground up. When I look at the fact that they only have two lenses available at launch, it really highlights how silly it is in the over-saturated mirrorless market to come out with a brand new product. Who wants to wait for more lenses for this system? So, you can adapt M-mount lenses? So what - there's a crop factor to deal with now, and they're manual focus, so the experience adapting M-to-T-mount system won't be any easier, or have anything more to recommend itself, than adapting those lenses to any other mirrorless system.

Also, why depart from their user-first Leica model, with all the requisite manual controls, to some space-age model designed by... a car manufacturer? How does that make sense? Leica really believes asking Audi to make the camera look as cool as possible also means it will be "photography in its purest form?" It looks like an inferior user experience to a good m4/3 camera... even the old, not-designed-by-Audi Panasonic GF1 earned such a strong user base by being not pretty but usable!

I guess I'm just ranting because I'm disappointed that Leica didn't decide to support m4/3 with a Leica m4/3 system. Given the consumer nature of Olympus and Panasonic cameras, having a camera body in the stable designed with the polish and pride of something like the Leica brand would have been awesome - I can see people with existing m4/3 systems upgrading to a Leica body for that extra bit of prestige and reliability, plus Leica-lovers would still invest into that system, and maybe add excellent m4/3 lenses from the other partners. Oh well, that was too good of a dream to come true. Still, is there any way that this new Leica system actually does make sense?

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