Panasonic 7-14 - Usage tips for UWA neophyte

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Anders W
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Re: Panasonic 7-14 - Usage tips for UWA neophyte
In reply to Florida Nature Photographer, Apr 21, 2014

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Anders W wrote:

I eventually found a spot that fit the bill and once at that spot, it was just a matter of finding the proper FL.

If I had moved back and chosen another FL (even 12 mm which is close to the 10 mm I used), I wouldn't have been able to capture what I wanted to capture, e.g., because things would start to block one another in unwanted ways.

O.K. That makes sense... And it something I've heard before but hasn't quite sunk in yet. Zooming with the lens isn't the same as zooming with the feet. I have to remember that more because sometimes I zoom with the lens when I could zoom with my feet simply because it is easier.

Yes. That's important to remember. Having the ability to zoom is fine because it is faster than switching lenses and gives you more fine-tuned control of FL than you can get with primes. But it shouldn't be used as a replacement for moving around. The way I try to work it is to find the right spot first and then zoom (or switch lenses) for the right framing.

The situation was somewhat similar with the shot in the "deep woods". In that case, I could have moved back a bit without problems. And the shot would probably have worked out reasonably well at 12 mm too. But I wanted to have a from-above rather than a from-the-side view of the foreground and therefore preferred using a pretty short FL to moving backwards with a longer one.

Ignoring for a moment that 12mm on the 7-14 isn't the same as 12mm on the 12-40. If the shot called for 12 mm you would always choose the 12-40 over the 7-14 because it is superior optically?

Since I don't have the 12-40 in my hands yet, I can't say for sure. But based on all the evidence available to me at this point, the 12-40 at 12 is better optically than the 7-14 at 12. So I strongly suspect that I will use the 7-14 only when I want to go wider than the 12-40 allows.

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