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GaryR57 wrote:

mosswings wrote:

GaryR57 wrote:

I was one of the ones here that requested an example of a "normal" shot with banding.

This example is far from what I would call "normal" as it seemed to have been shot way under exposed.


This is one of those shots in which the correct exposure is underexposure - since what the OP was trying to do is preserve color and detail in the sky. This throws the foreground into extremely deep shadow, made worse by the slight underexposure of the sky. So technically this is not a "normal" exposure, but it is a very common one done for an artistic purpose but also one that is extremely difficult for any camera to pull off owing to the extreme DR of the scene. In this case a multistop ND grad would have been a better approach, though a hassle.

Unfortunately for the D7100 and D5200, however, any other current Nikon camera in this situation would have not exhibited banding . One can argue that the D7100 is a more "filmic" camera and that it requires shot disciplines reminiscent of those employed during the film and early digital era - careful exposure, exposure bracketing and blending in post, etc...the first of these in particular a very good skill to have...but we have been spoiled by the last two generations of Nikon bodies.

Yes, I agree that there are various reasons why a person would want to take such a photo and it is a common technique.

But the OP replied to me in a post and said:

I see subtle "banding" in normal pictures.

Mako provided a good example of banding, but the file was a tiff and had been post processed. I would love to have a RAW file of such an example. There has not yet been such an example provided.

That was a normal image. It is very common to exposure for the highlights then pull shadows slightly in post. 1.3EV pull is normal and nothing excessive. I shoot RAW so all my images go from NEF to TIFF to JPEG.

I guess I could always try and make a few myself

You could PM creaDVty directly and ask for the NEF's in his example. He's a very nice individual and often a great help.

I haven't noticed any banding in my "normal" photos but my skillset is well below most of the photographers on this forum. I shoot mainly landscapes and when I push shadows in CaptureNX2 and LR5 I don't see any banding.

Do you shoot Jpeg, 12-bit RAW, or 14-bit RAW? Do you always expose the scene for the zone 5 elements  at middle gray?  What ISO? What RAW convertor? All those things affect the issue.

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