Panasonic 7-14 - Usage tips for UWA neophyte

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Anders W
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Re: So, ya try stuff...

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Excellent and imaginative composition, as others have already told you.

Thanks for adding your opinion.

But why f/16?

Because I was rolling around on the sidewalk trying to line this shot up with the camera in portrait mode on the tripod and must have bumped it without realizing it and didn't notice it because I was worried about shutter speed and ETTR and keeping the camera level and making the composition as symmetrical as possible.

Which is a very long way of saying "I screwed up."

I definitely should have noticed that in post but it wouldn't have mattered because this is still the best of the shots.

That's why I post here. So between all of you somebody will catch my mistakes. Thanks for helping.

I can't know what the wind conditions were like and if there was any way to come to grips with motion blur in the palm leaves by waiting for the right moment. But if there was, I would have gone for keeping shutter speed down at the expense of DoF. I might have tried higher ISOs too.

It was my intention to do f8. I hadn't considered that f2.8 might have been more appropriate since it was windy and there were Palm trees.

I thought ISO 200 was appropriate since I was using a tripod but I see your point about the shutter speed/blowing palms issue. All this stuff I have to learn to think about at the time.

BTW I don't have time to read your/their previous posts this morning but I will. I wanted to clear up the mystery of the ridiculous f stop value.

Don't worry. We all screw up, more or less, most of the time in one little way or another. I frequently ask myself afterwards why I did this or that or why I didn't. It's a rare occasion when I manage to get it just right in every respect. All you can hope for is to keep your mistakes in reasonable check. On the otherhand, that's certainly worth working on/for.

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