Panasonic 7-14 - Usage tips for UWA neophyte

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Re: Panasonic 7-14 - Usage tips for UWA neophyte

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

yyr wrote:

Look at the top of the building. The shape isn't cylindrical like it is in photo 1.

This looks like you weren't holding the camera straight and it was tipped forward. You're getting some distortion as a consequence.

I should have said tipped back. Did you maybe lean back a bit to try and get the whole building in?

Probably. Is that a no no?

I don't think it needs to be directly in the frame or hitting the lens to cause spots/flare but I'm sure there's someone more technically gifted than me who can elaborate.

Just looking again and wondering if you're getting reflection off that building?

Hmmm... interesting thought. Hopefully, some other experts will chime in here.

Hi Florida,

Glad to see you're up and running with the 7-14. The flare in image five is due to the sun hitting the front element of the lens. I noticed what you said about it (that the sun was barely braking through and was partly hidden by buildings) but it doesn't take an entirely naked sun to do it and the front element of the 7-14 has an amazing ability to find a bit of sun here or there.

My "purple blob terminator" won't eliminate that kind of flare, just prevent it from going purple. There are other types of flare, from more diffused light, where it will help a lot though. You find a very good illustration of the effect here:

It will also help against purple fringing. But when you have the more or less naked sun rather than diffuse light hitting the front element, the only cure is to shield. I usually use my hand, or my hand suitably extended with something, like a gray card. It can be pretty tricky to do, especially if the sun comes from the right so that you have to use your left hand to shield from the right and you are shooting at the wide end, where the risk of getting your hand in the frame is greatest. It probably looks rather comical when you try to do it too. Glad I can't see myself when I am it.

Note that it may be difficult to spot the flare in the EVF (did you see it in this case when you took the shot?) so it's something you have to watch for unless you are certain that the sun can't hit the front element.

As to the distortion with cylindrical things going oblong, that's to be expected at the edges as others have already told you. It's exactly the same phenomenon as with the arches in the example with the courtyard that I showed you earlier here:

And as I showed there as well, there are (at least sometimes) way to avoid it when you find it undesirable (as I often do). Remember that it's fine to play with the distortion of an UWA but there's also quite a few cases where that may not be what you want to or should opt for. I prefer to remain undogmatic in this regard.

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