The Past "Photography" the Future "Imagery" Not for ME!

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Re: The Past "Photography" the Future "Imagery" Not for ME!
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chkproductions wrote:

MoreorLess wrote:

I'd argue though ...

All good points and sorry to edit your post. To me, "argue" is the operative word in all of this. We could argue endlessly and never come to absolute. I went back and reread the OP post. My take away is he wants a non-processed, take it or leave it, just as I shot it forum. Good idea. It would be interesting to see a growing collection of shots that have had nothing done outside of the framing, exposure and click of the shutter. But he doesn't say if in camera processing is then allowed, which is post-processing. And is it just JPEGs or RAWs processed with all default settings from just one software imaging program. So just what is the controlling criteria of a "just as it happened" shot.

As for your comment about just dropping off film to the chemist - I knew a person that shot and only had his film straight processed from a one hour lab. At the time he was the world's known shooter of - ya, ready - seashells. He shot only in the early and late light. Had his 4x6 prints and chromes and that was it. Nothing more. At the time, made a good living off making a yearly calender and note cards. So I guess what I'm saying is "To each, their own"

And for me I still miss that tactile experience of the darkroom process. But I do know it has given me a better understanding and control of the current digital processes. Just the experience of burning and dodging a negative and the subtle differences and corrections it can make in the final print translates seamlessly into the digital process.



A bit of a difference there though to an amateur who probably wasn't even aware that the possibility of darkroom work, filter use etc even existed and now claims the lack of it alone marks him out as a superior photographer.

It seems to me that arguably the biggest shift in the digital era(including the rise of net forums) is that the mechanics of photography have been opened up for everyone to some degree. What was often an arcane and secrete art in the film era is now a process known to many more people.

The upshot of that is not only can more people post process but we see the results of this processing by many more people where as in the days of film we'd mostly have only seen the work of professionals.

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