The Past "Photography" the Future "Imagery" Not for ME!

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Re: ghetto of a medium?

MaxTux wrote:

tex wrote:

... And putting oneself in a ghetto of a medium additionally cuts you off from seeing how different media can inform one another in one person's work. ...

I'd newer tell someone what medium and what manipulation of the material stock of that medium he can or can not use to express himself or herself artistically. This is especially true if he seeks and finds the communication with an audience receptive to his particular form of expression.

However, I am not prepared to accept any arbitrary "expansion" of the definition of an art form - in this case "photography" (as an art form) - merely because the expanded process shares with that, previously established art form, some technical devices. At the same time, I fell that once there is a critical mass of creators and consumers, a new art form is born, and I will gladly let those that find aesthetic pleasure in the products generated by the (in this case) intrusive computer manipulation of digital imagery define their art and its canons.

I will, for sake of mutual understanding, try to quickly define my boundary between acceptable and intrusive computer processing something like this:

Computer processing does not push a camera-generated image beyond the definition of photography if it is restricted to the following:

  • Selection of a sub-set of the image generated in camera ("cropping")
  • Change of geometry that could have been achieved by selecting a different lens and/or different optical axis vs. sensor geometry (rotation, tilt, shift).
  • Change of light response characteristics which are applied to the complete image area and could have been achieved by camera settings.
  • Correction of optical and sensor uniformity errors.


As was already pointing out though photography had moved beyond this decades ago with darkroom techniques. Not just that either but filter use and indeed even film selection can obviously alter the final characteristics of an image.

Ultimately this seems to be getting into more of a semantic rather than an artistic debate that seems to have little value to me.

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