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Re: Pixel King TTL Wireless for A77 - Report, Good so far.
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soflond wrote:

JFRABAT wrote:

#2, answer is yes with one exception; you cannot use the Kings to optically trigger other flashes, so you need a receiver for each (I use 3)

JFRABAT, I've been wondering if using the Pixel King ttl radio triggers (compared to using optical TTL communications from master to slave) gets rid of some of the 'sloppy-feel' I find using optical TTL communications from master to slave has.

This is what I'm asking about in more detail:

1. With straight non-ttl radio flash (camera transmitting to slaves via non-ttl radio triggers) it feels like the click/flash is all instant and in the same moment of time - neat, solid and quick.

2. With a single TTL flash either built-in or mounted speedlite  (and not acting as a controller to any ttl slaves) - sure there's a pre-flash but it's imperceptible - and still feels as if the click/flash is in the same instant.

3. However, with moving toa setup with a TTL controller and TTL slaves - using optical flash communications - suddenly the whole setup feels 'sloppy' to me - like the feeling of gathering the momentum to overcome some inertia - to travel uphill. Sure it's only for a brief time - but it no longer feels like a neat click/flash in the same instant.

I'm wondering - here - and this is my question - does this 'sloppy' feeling get altered/improved by the use of TTL radio triggers compared to using TTL optical triggering (as obviously there are less light flashes in total).

[BTW - I find using the built-in flash on the Sony a77 - as a controller - has a significantly tighter feel to it (i.e. less 'sloppy feel') than using a speedlite mounted on the camera as a TTL controller. I presume it's just more efficient in terms of built in electronics, etc. However, it does throw some light on the scene from the point of view of the camera. So I am therefore interested to know if the radio triggers improve on the using the built-in flash as TTL controller (as well as using a speedlite acting as TTL controller) as they are separate 'beasts' as far as I'm concerned - neither of which feels quite right to me.]

Re: point 2 above  - I'm presuming taking just one TTL flash (not being used as a controller) off camera with a TTL radio link - still has exactly the same feel as a straight TTL flash on-camera.

Thanks for following my question - these ttl questions/issues can get a bit involved!

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