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Re: The typical apologists are out in force again
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sshoihet wrote:

_sem_ wrote:

Banding is a problem if one wants to do HDR-like rendering without having to do multiple exposures, by using the whole available sensor DR at base ISO. With proper exposure and careful processing (in LR for instance), good sensors allow over 5 stops shadows lifting without the lifted shadows looking noisy, washed-out, posterised or banded. Similar torture tends to reveal banding with the D7100 earlier than the other typical issues.

I haven't seen any DX camera that you can push shadows more than 5 stops without seeing an increase in noise. With 5 stops you're looking at ISO 3200 equivalent and you're going to see noise there and a loss in detail. The best results are always going to be with a multi-exposure, blended image. Even FX has a loss of detail with 5+ stop push.

Certainly, multiple exposures are better for still scenes, but they don't work so well for stuff that moves. And they are hassle, while just shooting raw and exposing carefully with a good sensor gets you quite close when shooting informally (casual family stuff in poor light, for instance). This is not everyone's cup of tea, but for some it is one reason why have a bulky camera nowadays when mFT has become much more convenient. It is a pity that current cameras don't process harsh light the way one can process NEFs in LR with a little bit of experience (ADL is a step in this direction, but I believe we shall see more progress in the next ten years).

Pushing shadows a lot is walking on the edge of course, but there are tricks. For instance, after pushing shadows heavily, presuming that they are considered more important than the highlights, one may lower blacks to make noise less apparent and also get some contrast in the dark range. And apply some more NR selectively to the shadows areas.

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