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Not always
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sshoihet wrote:

_sem_ wrote:

trac63 wrote:

A lot of people, including myself, see it as photographically irrelevant. That does not make us "apologists".

Here is a photo I took at ISO 6400 with significant shadow areas in the frame:

No sign of banding.

I get a little bit of banding at ISO 12,800 but even that is fixable with Topaz DeNoise. And 12,800 is an insane speed that I never use anyway.

This is not how one gets banding. At high ISO, banding gets masked by noise. If you lift such shadows, you only get noise.

Banding is a problem if one wants to do HDR-like rendering without having to do multiple exposures, by using the whole available sensor DR at base ISO. With proper exposure and careful processing (in LR for instance), good sensors allow over 5 stops shadows lifting without the lifted shadows looking noisy, washed-out, posterised or banded. Similar torture tends to reveal banding with the D7100 earlier than the other typical issues.

I haven't seen any DX camera that you can push shadows more than 5 stops without seeing an increase in noise.

True but we are talking about a specific type of noise (banding) that can be more prevalent in some sensors and not others.

With 5 stops you're looking at ISO 3200 equivalent and you're going to see noise there and a loss in detail.

But with some sensors (d7K as an example) it can be better to push from base ISO undetcetian circumstances


"IMO the two biggest benefits of ISOless shooting are dynamic range and not having to worry about image brightness at the time of shooting. For the latter if you're shooting in conditions that would otherwise require elevated ISO you simply set the ISO to base (or to whatever level is optimal for that sensor) and never worry about setting ISO thereafter.

The example, pushed 5EV in post. Notice how the image on the television is retained by shooting at ISO 100. If I had shot at ISO 3200 the TV image would have been blown out"

Original at base ISO

Pushed in PP to retain highlights (TV)

As you can see....shooting at ISO 3200 would have lost all the detail in the TV screen.  Artist intent plays into how one might approach a scene. Some sensors simply give more flexibility in some (not all) areas.

The best results are always going to be with a multi-exposure, blended image. Even FX has a loss of detail with 5+ stop push.

Not necessarily. Depending on the software used...HDR can often lead to loss of fine detail in the process. Very hard to get the "No-HDR processing" look when actually HDR processing. Not every scene lends itself to multiple exposures...especially when live folks in the scene.

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