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D7100 Banding Issue...

Started Apr 15, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: The typical apologists are out in force again
In reply to Shunda77, Apr 16, 2014

Shunda77 wrote:

This issue is constantly downplayed, but yet it is constantly annoying new users of the D7100/5200.

Criticizing the photographers exposure 'competency' is particularly offensive, the issue appears in shots that are not pushed as hard as some suggest, and for certain types of photography it is a constant headache requiring extra post processing which always has a deleterious effect on image quality to some extent.

It is a reduction in performance over previous models, it is as simple as that, downplaying the issue just doesn't cut it.

I will not touch either of these cameras because of this issue, better to go for the D5300, or wait for the unreleased D7200. Sticking with the older models is also an option.

The suggestion that "canon sensors do it" as some sort of defense is just utterly absurd, canon sensors are so far behind the game that they are hardly the place to be placing image quality benchmarks.

Nikon know they screwed up, so why don't we just accept the problem exists and be honest about it instead of the usual fan boi nonsense.

To the OP, sorry mate, but this issue can't be fixed on your D7100, you will either have to live with it or work on the post processing techniques that others can advise you on. It is not your fault and ultimately you have to decide whether the issue frustrates you enough to take other measures with your equipment.

My reference to Canon was not an apology for the D7100's lesser shadow performance relative to the d7000 or any other Sony-sensored Nikon, but rather pointing out that Canon's sensors perform appreciably worse than Nikon's, yet produce stunning images almost as well. I have been able to create banding in my D7100, but in 10,000 images with it I've yet to notice it under normal use. That counts for something.

Would I like to know that the Toshiba banding, streaking, and pulled shadow color shifting is gone? Yeah. Would it have been better for Nikon to wait on a D7100 until the next-gen Sony 24mp sensor were available? Yeah, but they'd have to wait a year and until after Sony's new-gen bodies were released. Like until about right now.

But I would be less than truthful if I didn't acknowledge that even though in some aspects the sensor is a step backwards and requires more attention to technique to get maximal results, it's a very small step, and in almost all other respects the D7100 is a significant improvement upon its predecessor and class-leading at the time of its introduction. The D7100 is more about operational versatility and AF competence than balls-out sensor superiority, about pushing the consumer lineup closer to pro. Perhaps that was in compensation for its sensor's limitations - I don't know. But it is a better sorted out camera than its forebears.

For what the OP is trying to do, the D7100 is not the right tool.

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