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In reply to Glen from Bedford, Apr 15, 2014

Glen from Bedford wrote:

I know the D7100 review has been out there for some time now but I don't see any evidence of "banding" in the samples provided by DPReview when increasing the exposure or increasing the brightness in LR.

The DPR samples seem to have little detail in deep shadows that exhibit the issue. It does show up and can be seen, but often scene specific.

That really puzzles me, because I can create the "banding" issue in almost every one of my D7100 images when increasing the exposure or increasing the brightness. Don't get me wrong, it's not my intention to find fault w/the D7100 but I have a lot of good pics where "banding" is evident w/out pushing the exposure.

Any examples of the issue? Always interesting to see and under what circumstances. Also helps to tell if your case might be a unique one.

And like others, it's now really bugging me to the point where I feel the D7100 is a faulty piece of equipment... much like the D600 was. My D7000 produces no such issues when the exposure or brightness is increased. Furthermore, I read where the sample images of the D7100 at The Imaging Resource do not display banding either. So here's the question... did DPReview and the The Imaging Resource get D7100s w/an improved sensor over production models or are many D7100 faulty and need service?

I didn't think so. They may also be shooting in 14-bit RAW which exhibits far less banding than shooting in 12-bit. Also, most of the DPR and IR samples are JPEG. I think JPEG photos may simply not have enough fine tonality recorded in the shadows to show this banding when the exposure is lifted this much.Ther is also the "not all RAW convertors are created equal" CNX2/VNX2 showed far less, IMO, than the first versions of ACR. HAve not looked in the lated ACR versions though. Have also seen examples where it showed up in LR while far far less when same file used by Raw Therapee. Lots of NR software makes it a non-issue with the debanding slider. Much easier to get rid of than was the case with banding in other manufactures cameras a little while back.

And if many of us do have cameras w/bad sensors, perhaps we should push Nikon to fix the problem like they did w/the D600!!

Again, do you have examples. It comes up so rarely now that I don't think it ever was due to sensor sample variation.

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