I don't think I get TTL

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Re: I don't think I get TTL

Yes, TTL bypasses the manual approach of shutter for ambient/background and aperture for the subject, since the flash exposure automatically compensates. A good discussion of this is here:


His B&H video on flash is terrific:


It's mostly about bounce techniques for portraits/weddings, but he goes into detail on manual vs. TTL about 50min in.

I'm just learning the ef-x20 as well (on an x100s). I love its portability, but for TTL the limited flash exposure compensation and bulky TTL cable bother me (I don't like it on-camera in the hot shoe, with its inability to tilt or swivel). I'm mostly using it on manual. It's fun as an optical slave, using the on-camera flash to trigger it. Here, though, the camera flash is often too bright: the commander mode fires at full power only, it seems, while the regular mode can be dialed down only by -2/3. I may play with filters/diffusers to cut this down and make the x20 more dominant.

For bounce with the small flash, higher ISO helps increase the effective range.

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