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Sutter Shock? Pictures from the holy land. Locked

Started Apr 6, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: What bothers me: the arrogance
In reply to photohounds, Apr 7, 2014

photohounds wrote:

I now HAVE the 1,3 FW and will try some tests when it is next light - Winter is coming here ... I will however use my sturdiest tripod and head.

Put a long lens on your camera or you are wasting your time. And everyone elses too.

If I use one of the flimsier ones, then I am not making sufficient effort.

Wrong.  If your intent is to actually reveal the shape of the issue and then determine to what extent and in what circumstances it might effect you, then you should begin with a worst case scenario (but a real scenario that you could conceivably find yourself in).  After I became cognizant of the shutter shock issue myself I put my E-M5 + Oly 75-300 on a light tripod that had been set up on soft grass and fired off a bunch of test shots with different anti-shock settings at full tele.  This is, potentially, a real shooting situation because if I'm forced to carry a heavier more stable tripod around, or wander all over the place looking for the most stable surface to set up on while I watch my subject matter fly away, I think I'd rather stay at home.  And what I learned helped me to effectively work around an issue (albeit with certain caveats) instead of remaining an occasional victim of it.

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