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Re: Just the facts, man, just the facts.....
In reply to photohounds, Apr 7, 2014

photohounds wrote:

pede59 wrote:

photohounds wrote:

No doubt there's some visible shutter bounce.
But actual shake, "caused" by it?
The pictures (the first AND second batch) I posted simply do not it.
I have not put on the 1.3 firmware yet. I just hold a camera correctly

Oly and other .. Gear test samples:

Wasn't sure about shutter shock but did some simple tests after installing the 1.3 firmware. You can clearly see a difference between the new 0s AS setting and normal release. I'd recommend you do that before concluding that all those people just can't hold the camera right.

And yet with an EM-1 handheld, there's no trace of the great evil - shutter shock.
"all those people"? umm, right.
Neither of us KNOW about their ability, biases, methods, or credibility. Mine has a simple source - "HERE are my pics - show me where SS is".
I believe that I handhold a camera reasonably well, and squeeze the shutter like I learned with my first rangefinder.
NONE who claim to have this "problem" can point to an issue in a single photo here
HOW is it possible for this evil to live among us and for MOST users, including me, to NEVER see it.
Maybe if I suspend the thing off a bit of fishing line or stab the shutter while holding it with 2 fingers, I might see it?

I AM saying I have NO idea how a tiny minority of users can create or exacerbate a camera moving slightly (as most do) to the extent they get blurred images.

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Oly and other .. Gear test samples:

Shutter shock is not a huge effect. But with the new firmware you can take pictures of the same subject with and without the new setting and then compare.

I really don't care if you believe that SS exists. I guess Olympus came out with the new firmware to provide placebos to calm down the shock hysteria

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