WOW what a game changer A7s

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Re: WOW what a game changer A7s
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Ontario Gone wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

neil holmes wrote:

.....the A7 is great at ISOs like 6400 and even 12800 but this will be much better still.

It seems the above statement contradicts your below statement, no? Either you think it will be better still, or it will be the same. If you think ISO performance will be better, im just wondering why? We have many examples that resolution doesn't significantly impact noise performance, so aside from this being a slightly newer generation sensor, what other reason is there? How did you get to the idea of "much better" ?

I do think it will be better......I use and like the A7 (shot at ISO 6400 and 8000 yesterday for a few hundred shots at a Blues open mic afternoon.   I am very happy with the results as are the bands (and included a couple of videos).    I am pretty sure the A7s would let me go higher by a stop or two still.     Just on what I have seen and stated enough for me.

No, I think it will be very very good for high ISO because it appears to be from what Sony has shown and a larger pixel count does not necessarily mean a better (or worse) high ISO performance.

I do not think pixel count matters too much but it does seem the high res sensor FF cameras are among the best but some of the newer lesser pixel count FF cameras are a bit better (only in terms of high ISO).

If newer lower rez sensors are better, it isn't because of resolution, it's because of a newer sensor tech as you mentioned before. This isn't necessarily the case though, as one only need check DXO for an A58 vs A77 comparison. The A77 scored 48 points higher in the ISO score, despite being a much older sensor and having higher resolution.

Not always but it seems that the best are lower than the highest res often (there is a price though)...not talking about normal lower level cameras with lower pixel counts but selected ones like the DF....and I expect...this one.

That Sony have put such ISO as 409 000 tells me it should be great at 12800.

Again, i hope it is better, but chances are it will be nearly identical. I'll tell you the reason they offer such a high ISO compared to the A7/r. Video is always full screen. Its obvious sony designed the S as a video first camera, and even 4k video displayed in all it's glory (in 8mp) won't show noise like a 24/36mp photo will from an A7/r. Noise is not as noticeable in video, so they offer higher ISO for a video made camera.

both the stills and video can go to iso 409 000.....doubt it would be great at that but even 3 stops less and that's still silly high (especially for video).

It is clearly 12mp for video ...the video will be much better than the current A7 (and I like the A7 video in low light). But the 12mp size is also fine for stills in all but the most extreme use.

I would bet it will indeed be much better for video IQ, but unfortunately it will cost a lot more for 4k. ImagingResource explained the reason they don't offer 4k in camera is a lack of processing power and too much heat. So im wondering how it will record 1080p? Recording full 4k then downsampling will still produce too much heat, downsampling after the fact does nothing to cool the sensor. Will they simply use a 2mp crop of the sensor for 1080p to reduce heat output? If so, there goes both your WA and superior ISO performance.

It would appear to get the video IQ boost so many are hoping for, the external recorder is a must, which means the price isn't too attractive.

People who use this will include those like me who would just use it without the recorder (probably) and it will be nice for that....I think I would prefer FF full HD to 4k computer can not handle it as it is .....4k is just too much....the reason to get 4k is for better HD, in which case, then get the recorder......or wait until it comes down in price or a cheaper alternative comes along....

That's it for me....I think it is a game changer (if it lives up to specs).....I might get one sometime...maybe not but the video sites are mostly very excited about it and a lot of FF pros don't mind the 12mp for stills either....that's good enough for me.

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