V1/V2 vs OM-D E-M10 (take 2)

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Re: V1/V2 vs OM-D E-M10 (take 2)
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Tripeiro wrote:

Nung wrote:

retro76 wrote:

Be careful in choosing the word "invest" - Olympus and Panasonic are struggling financially and while Nikon has seen better years they are not going anywhere. I would bet the house that (unfortunately) the m43rd format iwill be dead in about 2-3 years. Mirrorless in general is mostly popular with camera geeks, but not the general public. Canon and Nikon have been chastised for not investing more into this format, but these are not stupid companies they are waiting for the right time to fully enter the market and everyone knows this just isn't it and are simply testing the waters at this point. Love them or hate them, Nikon and Canon will dominate this market when the time is right (though for Nikon it may not be a 1 inch sensor, but a whole new format).

No, m43 will not be gone in 2-3 years, in fact, I can't see it going in any time soon. This is a system that had gone through the worst part of its time and survived, it is here to stay. The 1" sensor is also here to stay. However, I can see the smaller sensor going and being replaced by smartphones.

Mirrorless is not just for camera geeks, in fact it's well received in general public, might not sell a whole bunch in the US, but it's definitely doing well in Asia. Only problem is, they are expensive in comparison to DSLR and they don't have the name Canon or Nikon on it.

Of course it won`t. The m4/3 is a pretty mature system right now and it is quite popular in Asia and seems to be getting traction in Europe. Panasonic and Olympus are not going anywhere either, their camera divison is just a small part of their business, and at least Olympus is doing quite well regarding profits. Nikon on the other hand depends mostly of their camera division and although they are still profitable, they seem to be going downhill... which is not surprising with their lack of inovation, treating their customers like s*it and ridiculous pricing of some products. If they don`t have a drastic change they will probably go bust. And that is not good for us, customers.

Panasonic have always been pretty good with compact P&S and they moved up a sector to the m43 with some pretty good cameras from launch, oly really raised the bar with their OMD. The thing is, with both these makers they're moving into a higher end market with Panasonic unfamiliar with the DSLR market and oly being kicked out pretty much. Nikon on the other hand, have never been really good at compact P&Ss, most probably because it's not very profitable and competition is fears, and they are pretty much a more up stream, higher end camera maker. Basically I think they didn't really care that much down there. But now it's a different story, m43 have really taken off and Nikon will always find it hard to price their mirrorless cameras with their DSLR cameras in front. Personally, I don't think their N1's pricing strategy will change anytime soon unless they change their DSLR structure and product line up. Will that ever work out for them is hard to say. However, the V1 & V2 are both high price and yet the N1 is still around, so......

Talking about high price, the Casio TR150 was actually selling close to US$1200 in Hong Kong at 1 point. Now I think it's still selling close to US$1000, so talk about over price! This is absolutely ridiculous! So from that respect, the V series actually looking like a bargain at launch price! XD

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