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Yohan Pamudji
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What bothers me: the arrogance
In reply to photohounds, Apr 7, 2014

It really doesn't matter to me what people believe about the existence of shutter shock. What really bothers me is how arrogant the deniers are by and large.  Just because you haven't seen it, of course nobody else ever has and is imagining things.  Or if they have seen it, surely it must be down to bad technique--user error blamed on the camera.

How about being more charitable?  Could it be that you were lucky to get a camera that doesn't exhibit the problem but others haven't been so lucky?  Could it be that some of us are very experienced photographers who know how to handle a camera and have done everything in our power to eliminate the problem prior to the latest firmware update but have been unable to?

I bought an E-M1 and until the problem showed up in real pictures I didn't know there was such a thing as shutter shock.  I didn't go looking for it--it found me.  After I saw unexpected blurriness in pictures I did controlled tests with various settings and even various handholding techniques (normal grip, very firm, very loose; EVF to eye, compose with rear LCD; etc.) and nothing I did was able to fix the problem.  The problem was consistent and repeatable.  I returned that camera, got a 2nd one, but it had the same issues.

Believe me: I badly wanted a working E-M1 and did everything I could on my side to eliminate shutter shock but nothing worked.  Why are you deniers throwing me and everybody like me under the bus by claiming it's user error?  I know--you don't know me and you can't verify my claims.  But why should the default attitude be one of extreme skepticism and uncharitable behavior?  "Look at my camera that doesn't have shutter shock!  You idiots who do must be doing it wrong!"  Unsavory.

That's the last I'm saying on the matter here.  And it's a reminder of why I tend to avoid this forum these days.  We all talk in circles and nobody is willing to concede an inch.  Such a shame.  This forum could be so much better if we all were willing to be a bit more empathetic and try to see issues from the other side.

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