Sutter Shock? Pictures from the holy land. Locked

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You tell me
In reply to Guy Parsons, Apr 7, 2014

Here are some shots. Some have Anti-Shock set to (0). Some have Anti-Shock set to OFF. Which ones are which? Of course the only valid test would have someone set Anti-Shock to (0) or OFF, someone else take the photo, and then for you to decide which are which. But this should be good enough because honestly I don't care what the shots show (or don't):

I haven't even looked at these myself but if you can correctly identify which are which I'll be very impressed.

Shutter Shock seems to be a catch-all phrase used anytime someone gets a blurry photo. There are very few credible tests which show it and even those tests aren't reproducible. (Hand held photos by someone who is a believer is NOT credible BTW -- anyone can blur a photo). My guess is that blurring related to the equipment, when that occurs, is not related to the shutter in the simple way that has been suggested. Other things are probably involved. All in all it's mostly a distraction which is best ignored, and hopefully the new Anti-Shock (0) setting will let this happen.

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