Headline - DSLRs have imprecise focusing due to their mirrors

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Re: In practice...true.
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Old Scales wrote:

Jesus! It's amusing how petty and argumentative you egotistical little twits are! I guess you'd argue over a bug climbing a rope. Get a life. Do something constructive like clean your equipment or go out and take some photos. I just spent 3K on a really nice bunch of gear and I'm really happy learning and using it, Do you really think I give a crap if it autofocuses 3 miliseconds slower than yours? GET A LIFE! Sometimes I'm sorry I ever subscribed to the forum! But then there are the good people who have actually given helpful tips and advice. To those I say thanks. OS.

For some uses the ability of a camera to track its AF quickly and accurately is very important. If you don't like getting a ton of email then don't subscribe to the thread. Just check in occasionally. When there are many posts on a thread it's pretty clear people think a subject has relevance.

Some people look to these forums for insight, though I don't believe a word of it without verification. If views go unchallenged someone might actually believe that statements were correct because there were no dissenting opinions. It's appropriate and necessary that pros and cons of various camera technologies be discussed. The back and forth discussion lays out many of the considerations in equipment choice. The issues of EVF vs OVF, contrast AF vs phase detect AF, AF tracking, bayer sensor vs foveon sensor .... do get discussed and are hot topics.

Name calling and insults are more offensive and less civil than arguing the issues. Taking a holier than thou attitude doesn't always come across well either.

f8 and be there

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