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Jim Cockfield
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Laptop brand/model? Adaptive Brightness settings, etc...
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You'd probably get more informed responses to questions like yours if you would give more detail about the computer you're using (for example, it's brand/model and any pertinent details about the CPU, video chipset in use, etc.).

For example, I've found numerous posts from Lenovo laptop owners with Win 8.x driver issues that impacted the ability to control brightness settings, where they ended up needing to uninstall some of the drivers and reinstall new drivers to get brightness settings working correctly.

IOW, just googling for a very specific laptop brand/model and some extra text like "screen too bright" may be all that's needed to find a solution by reading through posts from users with a similar setup.

Windows 8.x also has some interesting features for Power Management like an "Adaptive Brightness" option that some people have issues with, too.

For example, if you look under Control Panel>Power and Sound>Power Options, then click on "Change Settings" for the Power Plan you've got selected, and then Click on the link to "Change Advanced Power Settings", you'll find a Display Section you can expand that lets you turn the Adaptive Brightness Feature on or off. It's supposed to change screen brightness based on Ambient Light, but some Win 8.x users have reported problems with it. Heck, I have a desktop and just saw that feature turned on (even though I have no ambient light sensor of any kind).

IOW, it wouldn't surprise me to find out that something regarding power management is causing your brightness issues, due to the way it's trying to adjust brightness automatically with the default power plan being used.

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