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How soon will mirrorless track as good as, say, the D7100

Started Mar 26, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Some folks think that Nikon can't make a decent AF system
In reply to Alex Notpro, Apr 3, 2014

Alex Notpro wrote:

I've never used a D7100 but I've used D7000, D700 and D600, and they all have similar or same AF systems. Is the D7100 really that much better? (according to these forums, both the D7100 and D700 use the same "MultiCAM 3500" AF module)

The E-M1 performs the same or better as these DSLRs that I compared it against already when it comes to AF tracking.

There's not much evidence of E-M1 AF tracking performance available online, so I made my own video to show it off: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fG8SLUTgXuY

My old D7000 in particular used to get totally lost in this kind of light (mixed CFL and incandescent), requiring special AF fine-tune adjustments and still mis-focusing or hunting often, so it couldn't focus a single shot, let alone tracking. That is unless using the AF beam from an SB-700.

Its a quite a bold implication to infer that all Nikon AF systems are crap.  I wonder how the D7100 with similar autofocus algorithms to the D4 could be such a pig at autofocus tracking. How do the pro sports still photographers that use Nikon, though still numbering less than Canon, possibly use a Nikon AF system that is such junk? This would reflect poorly on all the poor stiffs using Nikon gear for sports. The birders that use Nikon for birds in flight must not have a clue what they are doing picking a camera with such poor AF tracking.

f8 and be there

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