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James O'Neill
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Re: So, it's not a full frame dslr?

VaLeX wrote:

paulkienitz wrote:

How will you get the 31 Ltd into the 645's mount flange so it's at the correct registration distance? With a hammer?

Anything that works!
Anyway, I don't have a clear grasp on what's the registration distance and how this varies between K-mount and 645D mount. From what you say, I assume it's the distance between mount (or last element of lens?) and sensor? And the registration distance for 645 is bigger than that for k mount?

It's the distance between the back of the lens (when focused at infinity) and the image. If you measure the distance between the image and lens mount on a K3 all the way back to the M an K series film cameras it's the same, but less than 6x7 and 645 cameras. So you can mount their lenses on a K mount camera with a spacer (with MF mount one side and K mount the other side).

To put a K mount lens on a 645 it would have to mount inside the body to focus at infinity (might work for close ups though).

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