Any Reason to get D5300 over Sony A6000?

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Re: My experience, for what it worth
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Amamba wrote:

I tried D5200 before committing to Nex 6. I am a longtime Canon shooter, bought a used Nex F3, when it died decided I didn't want to go back to old Canon brick with their sensor that was decent but definitely getting long in the tooth. I was always curious about Nikon, and D5200 had rave reviews.

I hated it. I couldn't get a single sharp photo. I don't know if this was because of the IQ of the Nikon kit lenses (18-55 VR and 70-300 VR) or because of the dreaded "mirror slap" but my T3i would blow it away even with an old and abused EF28-90 film kit which wasn't all that good. I am tending to blame the lenses because the output was soft at any speed. Not out of focus, just soft.

I also disliked the Jpeg colors coming out of Nikon, although this is subjective. To me, Canon colors look warm, Sony is on the cooler side with a tendency to saturate orange, and Nikon was snot green. Nothing that can't be fixed in post.

Finally, I realized that I didn't want to go back to a DSLR. I was getting worse output with a much bigger and heavier package ( to be fair, D5200 was light as far as DSLRs go).

So I returned that Nikon and got Nex 6 instead. If I ever go back to DSLR, I would consider Canon first.

Now, Nikon (and Canon) do have many more lenses to chose from.

Its unfortunate you had trouble with your D5200. No properly working recent camera, Nikon, Canon, Sony or other, should perform as you describe. Slight color cast difference would be expected, but not snot green unless there was something really wrong with the color balance setup. Perhaps there was something wrong with the sensor alignment, who knows. A properly working sample of the D5200 should be able to deliver a single sharp photo.

One can hardly condemn a family of cameras based on single bad experience, though these examples make great fodder on these boards. If there was such a generic problem there would be widespread complaints.

April 1?

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