Any Reason to get D5300 over Sony A6000?

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Re: My advice - avoid advice from those who badmouth another camera or brand
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ultimitsu wrote:

This is a gear forum, it is a please where seemingly non-existent or non-obvious differences get teased out. If this isnt your thing, you can spend your time better else where.

It's not about not discussing gear, or even recommending it - it's about the approach.  If you wanted to recommend the D5300, for example, in the OP's scenario - you could say that it's a good camera, nice buffer, sensor is really strong at high ISO, has good battery life, has an optical viewfinder which some prefer, and there's a good selection of lenses.  I can say all of that without having to rip down or insult the other system - I'm making recommendations, pointing out some advantages and good features of the Nikon, and things to consider.  Instead, the approach too often is more like this:  Get the Nikon - it's a REAL camera, and blows the stupid Sony toy out of the water - the Sony has junk lenses, and few of them, the controls stink, and the EVF is terrible.

See?  I'm not even technically talking about the Nikon.  It's a gear forum, yet that argument doesn't even present any of what the gear can do - all it does is insult another system.  The first approach, to me, is much more useful, gives much better information about the Nikon, and doesn't turn the boards into a ridiculous civil war of trolls throwing poop at eachother.

You have gone a bit overboard here. If you like to shoot portrait and want a sharp and and fast 85mm with AF, what option do you have with Sony? Or if you wanted a light weight, super sharp 400mm prime with fast AF for BIF?

If you want to shoot portrait, then you use the lens you prefer - what rule says it requires an 85mm lens?  Portrait can be shot with myriad lenses - if an 85mm that autofocuses is absolutely significant and important to you, then choose a camera that has one in its lens collection.  If that was the lens that mattered to you, the Sony wouldn't be the camera you choose.  Did the OP hint at needing an 85m AF lens, or that portrait would become the photography of his future?  Why argue based on something only the OP can know if he'll need?  What if you want a stabilized AF 30mm F1.4 prime, or stabilized 10mm UWA?  You can get that with the Sony - but it would be silly to base a recommendation, and moreover to hurl insults against the other brand, based on that fact.

Limited lens selection and even more limited secondhand lens market are very significant factors keeping people from buying Sony.

Again, YOUR situation and YOUR argument - not everyone's - don't assume what other people need.  If you feel that Nikon's lens selection is an important recommendation, then say so - instead of mentioning how limited you perceive Sony's lens selection to be.  Limited lens selection only matters if the lens selection is limited in lenses a person needs.  If you can find what you need out of Sony's 105 current A mount lenses, or 27 E-mount lenses, then it simply doesn't matter if there are another 200 lenses available in someone else's lens line that you DON'T need.  And if AF is not one of your requirements, then tens of thousands of lenses are available for the Sony.  Note: all I'm doing is pointing out some advantages of one system without calling out the faults of another.

Of course governments can't communicate this way - they're idiots.   Politicians, lawyers, and bull-headed blind supporters of their party - those aren't the people to try to emulate.  The forums don't have to be as disfunctional, closeminded, idiotic, bull headed, insultory, and blindly-faithful as politics and international relations.

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