Where is the industry heading - some thoughts.

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Re: Where is the industry heading - some thoughts.
In reply to meland, Apr 1, 2014

meland wrote:

justinwonnacott wrote:

The demand for professional photography and training of professionals will continue to collapse as generic images become almost valueless.

Ah, but there will probably always be a demand certain types of professional photography, especially when the MD finally realises that the results his nephew produced with his spangly new camera he got for his birthday don't quite cut it for the product brochure, or when the newspaper picture editor gets a call from the stadium asking "What exactly would you like me to photograph?"

Yes, there will always be a need for well made illustrative photographs for products, events, specific places or points of view, but the generic stock photography scenic, landscapes, run of the mill "lifestyle image", the grip and grin, photographs of bands, pictures of food, flowers, low end real estate - all kinds of stuff is becoming common and cheap.

This means less professional photographers as semi pros and hobbyists  produce useful - and rather conventional - photographs to fill the non specialty, or generic market at fire sale prices because it has become a buyer's marketplace.

Sports photography at the international level is an interesting case, shooters use exotic expensive gear often using several cameras triggered remotely  optimized for the image pipeline of capture edit and transmit. Photographers work in concert with editors and event resources. Real specialist stuff.

Art directed advertising product photography will always have  buyers, although changes in how magazines are published might negatively affect that.

Low res media and "good enough" quality have made big changes to how images are made for the celebrity industry. I mean screen captures from hi def video captures being used for online  or print use instead of work done with high end photojournalist tools such as DSLR cameras. If I was a sports photographer I would be worried about this trend - not tomorrow but coming soon.

So yeh, I agree with you there will be professional photographers, but I think that there will not be very many of them and  (weddings and team pictures excepted) they will be very specialized and fill niches that are not profitable enough to be "industrialized", "automated" or big enough to matter in the overall scheme of things.

It is interesting to me that many fine art photographers with modest reputations often sell single prints for three or four times the day rates of professional assignment shooters now. That is not to say they can do this day in and day out but . . .

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