Where is the industry heading - some thoughts.

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Re: Where is the industry heading - some thoughts.
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GeraldW wrote:

The best EVFs are now good enough for most activities. My first was in a Canon Pro 1. It was easy to use; but had a 1/4-1/3 second lag. The latest cameras have cut that lag down to under 20 milliseconds. The mirror time on a DSLR is longer than that. Your G6 has a good EVF; but even that is at least one generation behind.

However there is a difference between the lag on an EVF and shutter lag on a DSLR (what you refered to as mirror time?) and it is this:

With an SLR or DSLR you view the image in real time and then there is a small delay in between pressing the shutter button and the shutter firing. The key point is that viewing through an OVF means that the subject is exactly where you are pointing the camera (optical lag, if we can call it that, is zero. Well allowing for the speed of light anyway.) The user can fairly easily compensate for shutter lag by practise. Having said that professionals who really specialise in fast moving sports are reluctant to shoot with two bodies that do not have very similar shutter lag values because the difference throws their timing out.

Now lag in an EVF throws up a completely different issue - which is that because of the lag, especially if you are following a rapidly moving subject, the subject is not exactly where the EVF tells you it is. Even with a lag of only 20 milliseconds. And on top of that you still also have the effect of shutter lag. Of course this is not really an issue for, say, landscape photographers.

The only way a user can compensate for EVF lag is either by trying to also follow the subject with the other eye that is not looking through the viewfinder (hard to do, especially with tele lenses and almost guaranteed to give you a a bad headache!). Or by luck.

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