Any Reason to get D5300 over Sony A6000?

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My advice - avoid advice from those who badmouth another camera or brand
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Just my opinion and advice - worth no more or less than anyone else's here.  But personally, I find that any advice that comes with not just a recommendation for a certain camera or brand (virtually always from someone who bought and uses that brand, no coincidence there) but also a specific and intentional slag at another brand, is simply biased to the point that it no longer has relevance or use to me.

I don't see any reason in today's world, and the current camera marketplace, which is filled with an excellent and highly diverse selection of cameras of nearly every size and type, all with wonderful IQ, that a person needs to try to put down another brand or camera in order to make their brand of choice look or seem better.  Consider how a person posts the advice they do, and decide if it sounds genuinely unbiased and useful - can a person admit any flaws to their own system of choice?  Can a person remove their personal choice from the equation and consider the wants and needs of the original poster?  Can a person talk up the selling points of one camera or brand without insulting another?  Can a person list both positives and negatives about BOTH brands or choices, then state their own reason they chose the one they did?

What you see throughout this thread, ironically, is what BOTH types are accusing eachother of - Nikon fans and Sony fans both insulting the opposite choice and exhibiting pure fanboy bias, as well as detractors of each brand coming in to insult and tear down the other brand.  Also, there is a lot of biased opinion coming from those who consider only their own needs, and are blind to the possibility that someone else's needs may be different.

Within all of these posts, there are small tidbits of fact, or useful information, unfortunately often segued by brand loyalty or a need to hurl insults at another brand.

Here's the fact that fanboys of any brand hate to hear:  All cameras are excellent nowadays, and virtually all interchangeable large-sensor cameras are more capable than the majority of users that shoot with them.  And most of these interchangeable camera systems will have plenty of lenses that the average user will need not just now, but likely for years to come.  Very few photographers in the world truly need more than a handful of lenses, avid enthusiasts often use 10 or less lenses regularly.  Many of us who happen to just love gear and lenses might own 30+ lenses - yet in reality we might really use 5 or 6 of those lenses 95% of the time.

Things to consider:  not just the SIZE of the lens selection available, but specifically whether lenses that are relevant to YOUR shooting are available and at a reasonable price.  Those who shoot wildlife don't have much need for macro or fast short prime lenses, those who shoot landscape don't have much need for 500mm and 600mm primes, and so on.  If you honestly believe your photography will stretch the gamut, and cover many types of photography, the question is whether you can get the lenses you'll need - if a 400mm prime covers your wildlife needs, and you can find a good one in 4 different brand mounts, then it doesn't really matter if one of those mounts has 400 lenses to choose from and another has 200 lenses to choose from...what matters is that they have the lens YOU need.

Ergonomics - how do the cameras you're considering fit you?  Are you comfortable holding them, carrying them, reaching the relevant controls, do you like the feel?  Do the controls feel natural?  Do you like the viewfinder, be it optical or electronic?  And so on.  No two people are alike - some may like larger bodies, thicker bodies, deeper grips, others may like thinner bodies, smaller bodies, shallower grips.  Don't worry about what other people think - worry about what fits you.

Why would one pick a DSLR body over a mirrorless body?  A few reasons might include: generally larger overall lens selection which can provide more specialty lens needs, usually more long lenses available, typically have optical viewfinders which some prefer, generally have longer battery life, often have larger buffers, bodies tend to be thicker and wider with substantial grips which can offer handling advantages for some with long lenses, typically have well established accessory market for various needs (eg: flash systems).

Why would one pick a mirrorless body over a DSLR body?  A few reasons might include: generally smaller bodies, often smaller lenses when choosing shorter focal lengths, usually have EVFs which some prefer, generally function faster/better in live view shooting modes for those who like exposure simulation when shooting, tend to be highly programmable/customizable for control layout, often have additional advanced functionality in camera such as multi-frame stacking, HDR, pano stitching, etc, usually have much greater adaptability to myriad other lens mounts making them good for adapting to manual focus and older lenses.

The A6000 and D5300 both appear to be excellent cameras.  What do you want?  What will you be shooting?  Have you handled either?  Do any of the advantages of either system above help sway you towards one or the other?

Despite all the wrath and fury thrown around these forums about DSLR dinosaurs and mirrorless trolls and how they both hate eachother, and never the twain shall meet - there are plenty of us shooting with BOTH DSLRs and mirrorless cameras, and quite happy with both.  Many of us have been photographers for decades, many of us have dozens of lenses, and somehow have found all the lenses we need for both systems, can use both EVFs and OVFs interchangeably, and can appreciate advantages of each system at different times.

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