Any Reason to get D5300 over Sony A6000?

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Non-reflex sales data - the rest of the story ...
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Hey guys,

I'm pretty set on getting an A6000, and from what I understand mirror less has pretty much caught up with DSLRs. Especially with the AF of the A6000, wouldn't an A6000 be just as good as a D5300? Is there any reason why I should prefer a D5300 over it? It's just that I still see so many people buy t5i's and D5300s and entry level APS-C DSLRs.

There's a reason why so many people buy DSLRs at a ratio of 10 to 1 over mirrorless. We have a very vocal minority of mirrorless photographers here that are determined to win as many as possible over to mirrorless. Mirrorless sales have been tanking due to competition from cell phones and compacts at one end and DSLRs at the other end. Mirrorless is the only option for camera companies that can't compete with Canon and Nikon head on in the DSLR market.

Proceed at your own caution as you are getting biased advice here.

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f8 and be there

I would disagree with this analysis mostly because the data is incorrect behind it.

My data is correct for the Americas. It was an error was not to properly qualify the statistics. Looking deeper into the CIPA data your graph is misleading as it lumps non-EVF into the mirrorless category. This thread has been about mirrorless EVF vs OVF. The CIPA data used in your graph includes all non reflex ILCs including those without a rangefinder. The following is a direct quote from CIPA:

" "Non-Reflex" includes cameras such as so-called mirrorless cameras, compact system cameras, rangefinder cameras with interchangeable lens and interchangeable unit system cameras, and similar cameras." - CIPA Production/Shipment Data

This includes all the micro 4/3 mount cameras without viewfinders such as Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM1, all the other interchangeable lens cameras such as Samsung NX mini, Fujifilm mounts such as X-A1 ...

When you lump in all the ILCs without viewfinders into the EVFs you get the 4 to 1 ratio that your graph illustrates. This thread is about a mirrorless EVF vs DSLR, not cameras without viewfinders. It would be fair to say that a camera without a viewfinder is not in the same category as a D5300 or A6000, thus hardly relevant to this discussion. We don't have the numbers breakdown to know what the exact ratio is when it comes to EVF vs OVF ILCs.

13,635,101 for single lens reflex (worldwide)
3,182,694 for non-reflex which includes more than mirrorless as explained in the CIPA statement (worldwide)

For the Americas the ratio of DSLR to non-reflex sales is approximately 9 to 1, including all the non-veiwfinder ILC cameras. Estimate: If you subtract out the ILCs without viewfinders then the 10 to 1 number is probably understated.

3,617,708 for single lens reflex (Americas)
406,816 for non-reflex (Americas)

For Europe the ratio of DSLR to non-reflex sales is approximately 7 to 1, including all the non-viewfinder ILC cameras. Estimate: Subtract out those cameras without viewfinders and you will get close to the 10 to 1 number.

4,763,175 for single lens reflex (Europe)
671,183 for non-reflex (Europe)

The largest non-reflex interest is coming from Japan, followed by the rest of Asia. Note that Japan and Asia in total are smaller sales than Europe and the Americas.

Cell phones and economics are forcing changes in the camera market at all levels. P&S buyers aren't buying them if they have camera on phone drop 45% in sales. Some P&S and low end sales have been going to Mirrorless but the market exploded so fast over just over 2 years.. that that bubble had to pop just a bit.

In case you didn't read this, the linked article explains some of the reasons why mirrorless sales are suffering more than DSLR sales.

From Business Insider The Last, Best Hope For A Digital Camera Rebound Is Failing

Sony is under some financial stress so there could be some limit to how long they can poor R&D investment into cameras. See this article:

Moody's Cuts Sony Bond Rating to 'Junk'

This link is better as no subscription is required for the whole article:

Moody’s Cuts Rating on Sony to Junk -NY Times

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