Any Reason to get D5300 over Sony A6000?

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Greg A A wrote:

Jkim7 wrote:

Hey guys,

I'm pretty set on getting an A6000, and from what I understand mirror less has pretty much caught up with DSLRs. Especially with the AF of the A6000, wouldn't an A6000 be just as good as a D5300? Is there any reason why I should prefer a D5300 over it? It's just that I still see so many people buy t5i's and D5300s and entry level APS-C DSLRs.

There's a reason why so many people buy DSLRs at a ratio of 10 to 1 over mirrorless. We have a very vocal minority of mirrorless photographers here that are determined to win as many as possible over to mirrorless. Mirrorless sales have been tanking due to competition from cell phones and compacts at one end and DSLRs at the other end. Mirrorless is the only option for camera companies that can't compete with Canon and Nikon head on in the DSLR market.

Proceed at your own caution as you are getting biased advice here.

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f8 and be there

I would disagree with this analysis mostly because the data is incorrect behind it.   Cell phones and economics are forcing changes in the camera market at all levels.    P&S buyers aren't buying them if they have camera on phone  drop 45% in sales.  Some P&S and low end sales have been going to Mirrorless but the market exploded so fast over just over 2 years.. that that bubble had to pop just a bit.

But also part of that is that the sensors going into $500 to $1000 cell phones (that only cost buyer $99-$199 are better than the $100-$200 P&S and the control features are better.  My Lumia 928 has more control options than any low end P&S.. BUT what is going on now is the celluar carriers are tired of buying cameras for people.. so are moving to the plan price and the monthly payment for the camera being separate.. So the price if the phone will be exposed to the user more.. will that change how they buy.. I don't know.

But the 25% drop I mirrorless is pretty close to the 19% drop in DSLRs..   Part of this is that the MP explosion is over.. we have hit all the MP most people need.  So people feel less need to upgrade every 12-18 months.

Even in Sony land.. its not more MP we are looking for in the next DSLTs.. its maybe going mirroless in a DSLR style camera.. butter AF . Better IQ  etc.

Its going to be hard for companies that had NAME and MORE MP as their yearly upgrade message to sell that.

And in the end the digital camera market is maturing and the tech is hit a level that will no longer drive up renewals every year.

Of the above statement...

Most incorrect is the idea that DSLR outsell Mirror less 10:1 /  DSLR shoots often live in a bubble where they are the universe when it comes to cameras.

The ratio is 4:1     What will be interesting to see is if Mirrorless losing its major handicap quality fast AF changes that at all.

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