Who's eagerly awaiting the rumoured Sony MF mirrorless?

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Re: Who's eagerly awaiting the rumoured Sony MF mirrorless?
In reply to GaryW, Mar 30, 2014

GaryW wrote:

mpetersson wrote:

To me it feels like yet Another symptom of Sony's ADD. I doubt that they can focus on Three lens-lines at the same time (A, E, MF), considering that they haven't done a great job focusing on two as it is... They should let the current mounts and cameras mature a bit bbefore going on to the next thing.

The A-mount is mature. It had a couple of decades under Minolta, and if it wasn't able to survive competing head-on with Canikon then, I'm not sure it will now. The E-mount is getting pretty fleshed-out. What is missing? Even just looking at the APS-C range, you have a pretty good list of primes: 16mm (with adapters for 12mm and 10mm), 20mm, 24mm, 30mm, 35mm, 50mm. You've got a selection of zooms. Then Sigma and Zeiss lenses. About all that seems left are long lenses, but you can use the adapter and a-mount if that is necessary. I'm just curious what e-mount lenses people are waiting for. A native 85mm might be nice?

Now if you are suggesting that Sony needs more FE lenses, then I would agree. I expect them to keep releasing new ones.

Sure, the A-mount is mature, but a lot of people (on this forum in particular) seem worried that Sony might drop A-mount. And in a way I understand their worries considering that the lens line-up is not being renewed that much. A lot of the available lenses are quite old, and the camera strategy for A-mount is not entirely clear (at least not to me). I dropped A-mount a few years ago and moved to mirrorless, but I think that Sony should be careful about trying to keep the A-mount users happy as well.

And yes, the FE-mount lenses are what worry me. If Sony was to release Another mount now, I doubt that they would be able to focus on completing the FE-mount lens line the way they should.

If people are to invest a lot of Money in, for instance, FE-mount lenses they need to know that Sony will keep supporting the mount with more lenses, more cameras and accessories. Of course you can buy the A7/A7r and use them as a digital back for lenses from other manufacturers, but that doesn't sound like a great business model for Sony...

Maybe they figure that they can make a profit on the camera, while other manufacturers may rely more on lens sales?

That seems to be the idea, yes. I think it's a poor strategy. Building a reputation and a market share is not only about short-sighted profit, it's also about support and continuity. Since so many people seem disappointed at the firmware updates and support of released models, it seems that Sony is doing something wrong. Compare that to Fuji where most customers seem happy with the way they release updates and generally listen to the user community.

Canikon might feel traditional and slow compared to Sony, but buyers at least know where they stand and that they are buying into a system that will stay on track for a long time to come. I wish Sony could have at least a little more of that.

If that was the overriding concern, why not just buy Canikon? Even in past years, I've seen people post how the A-mount is missing this or that. It's not like a tilt-shift lens (for example) isn't important, but if you need a native version and you won't use software correction, then maybe Sony isn't a good choice, but it's not like it's all that limiting.

Because Canikon doesn't make the camera that I want. In general I'm mostly happy with Sony, but I wish they would change some aspects of their strategy, and I Think it would also benefit them in the long run. Especially if they want to grab a piece of the professional market. I want fun and edgy Products, I'm guessing pro's are more into reliable and dependable.

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Gary W.

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