Any Reason to get D5300 over Sony A6000?

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My choice is the D5300 over the A6000 for the lenses, OVF and image quality.

Nikon had to remove the AA filter just to try and equal the IQ of the 2 1/2 year old Sony NEX7. And I it's debatable which produces a sharper image.

Given that the Nikon D5300 doesn't have quite as good IQ as the D7100 and that the A6000 has an improved sensor over the NEX7. I'm betting with equal lenses, the Sony wins on sharpness at low to mid ISOs (which is 99.95% of my shooting).

D5300 is essentially the same in IQ with the D7100, both of which are somewhat better than the NEX-7.

Not according to the image comparisons here at DPReview

The NEX 7 also looks just a little better over all then the D7100 at Imaging resource too.

Given that Sony has said that they've improved a few things with their processor I suspect it will be an improvement, albeit a small one.

It's doubtful that there would little if any advantage with an A6000. Lenses are the limiting factor with these cameras, of which you have more choices to decide IQ vs $ with Nikon.

And people just need to ask themselves, what do I need/want.

I'd also rather have the Sony 16-70/4 over any Nikon DX wide zoom lens. Nikon has plenty of great lenses (and I've shot plenty) but for someone looking for high quality in a small package, the A6000 with the Zeiss or any of the F1.8 primes is a fantastic option.

And the OVF/EVF is like Ford vs Chevy. I don't mind OVFs, but I like EVFs for what they do for me that OVFs will never be able to do (e.g. live screen in video, live histogram, detailed level control and not some half-baked one using a few af points, instant feedback when I change WB or any other image parameter, etc...)

I've had 3 SLRs (and shot with Dozens), and 1 mirrorless. I much preferred the mirrorless to any of them. But to each their/own.

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I recently was deciding between the D7100 and the NEX-7 for another body smaller than a full frame. For me the NEX-7 EVF and small size just wasn't a comfortable camera. The choice of lenses is a big deal also. Nikon has it all over the NEX-7 lens lineup, hands down.

And Canon has even more than Nikon, but how many are you going to use.  I don't shoot wildlife, if I ever do, I can rent a LA-EA2 and any number of great A-mount lenses.  Now I'm a big advocate of use the right tool for the job.  If you shoot sports, BIF, underwater, some wildlife... then yes there are plenty of good DSLR options from Pentax, Nikon, and Canon that will suit most.  I however am a landscape, portrait & street/urban shooter.  And the Sony Mirrorless can cover everything I need.  From 10-70 at F4 from 24-55 at F1.8.  All in a much smaller/lighter package than anything from C/N/P and still with Fantastic IQ.

In a small little Tamrac Aero 36 bag I kept a N7, 18-200 (the bigger one), 50/1.8, HVL-F20AM flash, charger, extra batteries for the camera and flash.  You couldn't fit a D7100 with just the 18-55 in a bag this small, let alone 2 lenses and a flash on top of that.

Once I tried the NEX-7 that was the end of that idea. You need to try both to decide what you like, because there is a big difference in how they handle.

I had the NEX-7 for a while, I only sold it because I needed a camera with a fast AF for my oldest niece's wedding.  But I more than any other camera I've tried, the NEX-7 was by far my favorite.  (Up until recently I used to worked in at Camera store, so I've tied more gear than most people.)

For me the mirroless handle great, especially the Sony's with their nice sized grip (A6000 is even better I understand) Corner mounted EVF.  The only thing I wish the A6000 had was a touchscreen.  Oh well it's still $500 less than a D7100, I won't complain.

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f8 and be there

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