Any Reason to get D5300 over Sony A6000?

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Also think about the ability to adapt lenses with shorter registrations than Nikon or Canon EOS like Leica M, Zeiss ZM and Canon FD as well as Nikon and Canon. If you're a legacy lens fan like I am, the D5300 won't be able to do as much although Nikon has an extensive number of classic Nikkors that are nice to use.

The D5300 is not very usable with older Nikkors. It won't autofocus with AF-D lenses and won't meter with AI lenses. If you're not willing to stick with AF-S lenses, it's just not a good choice.

Allow me to reword what you said that so the OP will understand it.

"If you're not willing to stick with any of the 110+ AF-S lenses (including ones from Sigma and Tamron) that have been produced, of which more than 90 are still available, it's just not a good choice."

That said, if the OP can afford it, A6000 + 16-70/4 Zeiss is one sweet, small setup.

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The more lenses argument is valid:

1) if you have a need to own more than 20 lenses

This is what one says to rationalize a limited set of lenses for a camera mount. Choosing a lens is not just having one with the focal length you want. There are tradeoffs on dollars vs quality. Do you want to spend money on a 2.8 lens or do you want a lighter do everything walk around zoom at 3.5/5.6. Do you want to take advantage of all of the capability of your high quality sensor with prime lenses? The Nikon lens system, or Canon for that matter, are not overkill. These lens systems provide what you might need for various uses. Add Sigma and Tamron to those lenses and you have a wide variety of choices.

2) if there is a lens you need to shoot the photos you like that is not covered by the Sony e-mount / Sigma e-mount / other e-mount offerings

Otherwise it is like buying a care because it speedometer goes up to 160 vs one that goes up to only 120.

A sophomoric way of considering lenses. Over time you will decide you want to do different kinds of photography. You will understand that there are some valid reasons to choose a particular lens.

The lens is everything. You will find that camera bodies come and go, but you keep your lens system for a long time. I still frequently use a quality lens from my film days with good results today, thanks to the compatible Nikon system.

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